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What is ThorBlock?

  • ThorBlock is a multi-function pooling solution built by SafeTech and presented by Safe Haven. ThorBlock boasts three pooling options [Pooling, Charity, Fundraising] designed to meet the needs of the user-base.

  • ThorBlock is designed to eliminate the need to code complex smart contracts and outsource further for security auditing. Thus, ThorBlock provides an inexpensive and tested inlet for organizations/individuals who desire blockchain pooling solutions.

Why we created an API for third party and developers?

  • ThorBlock's API has been designed to provide the following:

    • Mitigation of risk
    • Scalability
    • Simplicity, specifically oriented for the origin- and end-user Reliability

ThorBlock employs the following use-cases:

  • Charity - Charitable pools can be established by both organizations and individuals.
  • Fundraising - Fundraising pools with a focus on innovation can be established by organizations and individuals.
  • Private Pooling - A general pooling option, which does not have a specific focus, however should be outside of the realms of both Charity and Fundraising

ThorBlock brings with it advantages which have evaded the emerging blockchain marketscape. Thorblock's API is a more understandable and user-friendly layer for non-blockchain developers to better implement by assembling simple API calls. The fully documented API brings the power of ThorBlock to third-party applications in a completely decentralized manner.

Current Version 2 Feature set

  • Contribution to a pool using any VIP-180 token, including VTHO
  • Real-time event listeners allow for mail notification of contribution
  • Comet, Sync and Arkane wallet integration
  • SafeID compatible
  • Three pooling options offering higher user experience


Current SHA requirements